What foods can not eat nursing moms

During pregnancy, women often appear food whims. Some lean on salty, others on sweets. Most pregnant women want something unusual: oranges, herrings.

And, as a result, the diet of a pregnant woman is unpredictable, but very bright and varied. But after the birth of a baby, it is often necessary to begin to sharply limit yourself, removing all the exotic and goodies from the diet at once.

Since mother's milk is what the baby will eat for at least the next six months. And his body is still so vulnerable and weak. It is logical that the diet of a nursing mother and an ordinary person are different.

What it is absolutely impossible to eat a nursing mother in the first month

The toughest in terms of nutrition is usually the first month. Mom still did not understand what the baby perceives normally and what is not, therefore, a lot of things are removed for reinsurance. This month will have to withdraw from the menu:

  • products with a high content of preservatives and flavors (chips, carbonated drinks, mayonnaise, fast food);
  • exotic fruits and citrus fruits;
  • legumes;
  • cabbage;
  • red berries, including tomato and watermelon;
  • chocolate;
  • blue cheese;
  • strawberries;
  • mushrooms;
  • coffee;
  • baking;
  • nuts;
  • broths;
  • spicy, smoked and salted;
  • sweets;
  • garlic.

Probably not worth mentioning that alcohol and smoking, to put it mildly, are extremely undesirable. Otherwise, it will all go straight to the tummy, and then to the blood, to the newborn baby. Various dietary supplements, protein isolates, fat burners, stimulants, non-prescribed vitamins, spoiled food, all this will also harm the health of the baby.

Why nursing mothers can not be certain products

There are logical explanations for all these prohibitions.

  1. Fried food. This is basically junk food for people of all ages. At the time of frying, the products are subjected to more intense heat treatment, and harmful substances are formed in them, and the beneficial ones evaporate. In addition, fry in oil, in which carcinogens are formed during boiling. Roasted starchy food is especially harmful, and a tasty crust on it is the most harmful;
  2. Coffee. The caffeine contained in it overstimulates the infant's fragile nervous system;
  3. According to statistics, the most common and powerful allergen is cow's milk. Most often, the reaction in the first year of life occurs precisely on dairy products. Even adding milk to cookies is enough to provoke allergies. It is believed that goat milk does not cause allergies, but it contains only 20% less allergenic substances;
  4. Red and orange berries and fruits. Remove from the diet is just fruits, berries and vegetables of these colors, since the pigment itself is the cause. It often happens that a red apple gives a reaction, but not a green one. Yes, even cut the skin off the apple is enough. But from a tomato or a grapefruit skin is not removed;
  5. Products with a strong smell and taste, due to the content of essential oils. Such as garlic, make milk tasteless and the baby can throw the breast.
  6. Moldy cheeses may contain listeriosis pathogens;
  7. Mushrooms, a product often causing poisoning even in adults;
  8. Seafood and fish. They have the property of accumulating harmful metals in themselves. A red fish is the strongest allergen.

What can and can not be a nursing mother with colic in a child

Infant colic is a sharp spasm in the intestines that causes sharp, sharp pain in babies.

They torture babies between the ages of 0 and about 2-3 months, in rare cases up to nine.

One of the most common reasons for their occurrence is considered by the doctors to be the mother’s diet. To avoid them completely is almost impossible, but can be minimized by adjusting the power supply. During the colic mom can not eat:

  • raw vegetables, fruits and berries;
  • any bread;
  • baking flour;
  • any combination of milk and fruit, even heat treated;
  • White rice;
  • juices;
  • legumes;
  • grapes;
  • milk

The above products will cause fermentation, and as a result, the accumulation of gazik in the intestines of the child, which will provoke colic and make them more painful. They intensify in the evening and the baby can scream for an hour at a time, so this is a small price to pay for a quiet evening and the child’s lack of pain.

What not to eat nursing mom with allergies in a child

Food allergies of babies are also called diathesis. The simplest benchmarks in determining allergenic products are red or orange color. All sweet foods are usually also allergenic. Allergens are most often:

  • milk;
  • exotic fruits and berries;
  • honey;
  • seafood and fish;
  • grapes;
  • banana;
  • hen;
  • the eggs.

It is necessary to distinguish dairy products and dairy products. Often, babies who are allergic to milk, normally perceive dairy products. And egg white is less allergenic than its yolk. Quail eggs are less likely to cause allergies than chicken eggs.

If you want something from the above, you can check for allergies to the product. It is done this way: only one product is added to the proven nutrition and a reaction is expected.

If after 3 days it didn’t follow, then it means that there’s no luck and no allergy to this product. So you need to check every product. But, thus, there is a chance to expand the diet quite well, without harming the baby.

Food allergy in mild form in infants is expressed by atopic dermatitis, and more simply, redness, rash, and scaling. This in itself gives the baby discomfort.

And if you do not stop the flow of the allergen into breast milk, then more serious reactions may begin, including the development of asthma. Therefore, as soon as the reaction appears, it is necessary to calculate the allergen and immediately eliminate its use.

What other products can not be eaten during breastfeeding

In addition to the above, the list of what can not be eaten during breastfeeding should also include:

  • pickles and pickled foods;
  • ready sauces;
  • fat meat;
  • fat;
  • semi-finished products;
  • poorly roasted meat;
  • scrambled eggs;
  • canned food;
  • sausage;
  • spawn;
  • kvass;
  • semolina;
  • fermented milk products for long-term storage or 2 days before the expiration date;
  • spice.

Vegetables eat only seasonal and preferably grown by local farmers. It is better to buy frozen vegetables from a good producer than fresh out of season, they will definitely be stuffed with chemicals. And if there is an opportunity, then buy vegetables and fruits, armed with a nitratomer.

Convenient table of products prohibited after delivery

It is very convenient to print out a similar table and hang it on the fridge, so as not to forget anything.

Tips for nursing mothers

Breast milk is the best food in the first six months of life, so you should try to save it by any means. Sometimes feeding does not work not because of the unwillingness of the mother, but out of ignorance. In order for the milk to be always satisfying and well arrived cost to listen to these tips:

  1. Constantly apply the baby, the more often it is applied, the more the lactation hormone will be released into the blood;
  2. Despite such rigid frameworks, you need to try to eat a balanced diet so that all nutrients and vitamins enter the milk;
  3. Best of all, milk is produced early in the morning at 3-6 am;
  4. Hot food and drink increases the flow of milk;
  5. To consume a lot of fluid;
  6. Fat and meat foods also increase the tide and makes the milk more satisfying;
  7. Fennel teas have a positive effect on the baby’s intestines and milk production in the mother;
  8. Before taking any medication, you should consult a doctor, most drugs during lactation are prohibited.

And many people forget that they should not ignore both their desires and needs. Nervous tension and fatigue will instantly affect the amount of milk, so mom needs to take care of herself. After all, the health and well-being of a little man depends on it, and an unhappy and nervous woman will not help him much.

At first, this forced diet may seem like a serious sacrifice, but it is worth remembering that this sacrifice is short-lived, and the payment for it is a good state of health of the most important man on earth.

And in view of the fact that flour is excluded, preservatives and sweets such a diet will also help to throw off the pounds gained during pregnancy. It must be remembered that the baby has no choice what to eat, but his mother always has this choice.

The following video is very detailed what and when you can not eat.

Watch the video: Women's Nutrition : How to Eat Healthy While Breastfeeding (January 2020).


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